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LibroDuct ®

Energy for Electric Busses – with fully automatic wire contact and disconnection!

The LibroDuct technology not only enables conventional battery-operated buses to recharge while standing at bus stops, but also driving their routes. The result is a drastic reduction in the battery capacity they need. Moreover, trolleybuses using the LibroDuct technology can also travel sections of their routes without overhead wiring, without the necessity for manual recontacting or even for any contacting assistance tools. These and other virtues of LibroDuct bring about significant savings in infrastructure and increased flexibility.

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Smooth travels

Uninterrupted driving made possible by a patented charging technology

animation with disconnected trolleybus

Computer Vision

Automatic contacting and disconnection guidance from overhead wires based on computer software methods

animation with connected trolleybus

Charging on the move

Optimization of the electrical drive with charging en route

What we can do for you

LibroDuct from the customer’s viewpoint

The LibroDuct Technology

The core of the LibroDuct technology consists of sophisticated software algorithms which utilize computer vision methods in the form of stereoscopic pattern recognition. With the help of LibroDuct, trolleybuses can contact overhead wires and disconnect from them fully automatically, both on the move and while stationary, e.g. at bus stops. The hardware from LibroDuct is modeled after conventional pole collectors and overhead wire systems. The technology is based on an internationally patented control system that utilizes various software-supported techniques.

Computer Vision

Performant image processing and pattern recognition software analyzes the stereo camera images.


Customized algorithms analyze the situation and plan the execution of the contact and disconnection processes.


Cleverly designed mechanical components form the basis for precision guidance in contacting wires and disconnecting from them.

In combination with its new, likewise patent-pending mechanical components in the current collector system, LibroDuct enables trolleybuses to alternate automatically between driving with and without overhead wires. This is how it’s paving the way for e-mobility in local public transit, anywhere and everywhere.

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